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More About Vape Juice

Eliquid/e-liquid, also called vape juice, is a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerol, and flavoring used to soak cotton wicks, either in pre-made or build your own form, to produce vapor when heated. Nicotine is optional and comes in a graded system of strength in milligrams.

Note: There is no industry standard term for the liquid used in electronic cigarettes. The term e-liquid is used interchangeably with e-juice, vape juice, or vape liquid. The base components are the same for each of these terms.

 What Flavors of Vape Juice Are There?

There are more vape juice flavors than can be listed here. Vape juices are normally categorized by a flavor profile, such as “fruit” or “dessert” as the flavors of vape liquids can be difficult to describe. Many premium vape juice brands use a mixture of flavors to create a unique taste for the vapor, complicating the answer to what exactly the vape juice flavor is. Above you can see some of the best premium eliquid brands in the Egypt such as The Secret, Solo or Grizzlies. If you are looking for vape juice customized, please visit our Custom E-Liquid section.

What Are The Sizes of Vape Juice?

Sizes of eliquid bottles are only 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml, but offers a variety of different sizes to fit any need.

How Much Nicotine Is In Vape Juice?

Vape juice with nicotine is the most common variety, but there are various strengths up to and including zero nicotine. These are typically written out in mg amounts, going up by 3 from 0mg. If you are unsure of the level of nicotine you are looking for, check out this article on nicotine strength levels.